Cindy Fullwiler is a self-taught North American nature and wildlife photographer. After her retirement in 2010, she knew this was the time to travel and learn the art of photography--a lifelong goal. Cindy has traveled and photographed the coasts of California, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Island, and England. Her love of wildlife and nature combined with her environmental education degree translate into a unique perspective in her photographs. It is Cindy’s goal to produce not just pretty photographs but also to tell a story with conservation center stage. Her commitment to “first do no harm” is paramount in her field practices because in Cindy’s view, no photograph is worth disturbing animals in their natural habitat. Cindy has accomplished much in her short time as a photographer, most recently exhibiting at the Lynnwood Convention Center,  Washington State Convention Center, Sequim Civic Center and Sequim Museum and Art Gallery. Her work has been published in several local visitor guides, brochures, art journals, blogs, and newsletters. One of her grizzly bear photographs was also recently featured in the online magazine Discover Vancouver Island in a post highlighting Campbell River. Cindy has a great love of birds and grizzly bears. When she is not out photographing, Cindy is busy volunteering with several local groups.

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